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Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has said that China sent 39 aircraft and three ships to Taiwan within 24 hours.
The Associated Press news agency cited Taiwan authorities as saying that 30 ships crossed the Taiwan Strait between 6am Wednesday and 6am Thursday.
A diagram released by Taiwan regarding the flight of the planes shows that the planes flew from the southeast to the southwest region of the island.

These aircraft included 21 Jet-16s, four H-6 bombers, and two pre-attack reconnaissance aircraft.
Taiwanese authorities also say that Chinese ships were monitored by a missile system on their behalf.
China began large-scale military exercises in August following a visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Beijing viewed the visits by US representatives as a step towards recognizing Taiwan as independent and a threat to its country’s integrity.
On the occasion of the exercise, Chinese ships also flew over the Taiwan Strait.
During this time some missiles were also fired which fell in Japan while passing over Taiwan.
It should be noted that China considers Taiwan a part of its country, while Taiwan claims its independence.
The situation between Taiwan and China has escalated over the past few years, and the Communist Party’s Liberation Army has been sending troops and ships to Taiwan in the past.

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