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US officials say Washington is trying to win the support of allies for possible new sanctions on China.
According to the news agency Reuters, four US officials say that Washington is likely to impose new sanctions if China provides military assistance to Russia in the Ukraine war.
The consultation process, which is still in its early stages, is aimed at garnering the support of a number of countries, including wealthy G7 countries, for any possible sanctions.

It is unclear what specific sanctions Washington will impose. The discussion in this regard did not come up.
The US Treasury Department has also refused to comment on it.
In recent weeks, Washington and its allies have said China is considering supplying Russia with weapons, a charge Beijing has denied.
US President Joe Biden’s advisers have not provided any official evidence. US officials have also warned China directly against supplying weapons.

February 24 marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine
February 24 marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine

The same message was given by the United States in the meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping and the meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries at the World Security Conference in Munich.
Asked about the consultation, a spokesman for the White House national security adviser said the war with Russia had made relations with Europe and other countries difficult for China.
The spokesperson said that this is a cause of concern for China and a potential setback for its international relations.

Last week, the United States announced more military aid to Ukraine
Last week, the United States announced more military aid to Ukraine

One country official contacted by Washington for consultation said he had seen little information or intelligence to support claims about China supplying Russia with weapons. But a US official says the allies have been briefed on intelligence.
When the US President meets the German Chancellor on Friday, China’s role in the Ukraine war is likely to be discussed, among other topics.
Last week, China presented a 12-point agenda to end the war in Ukraine, which was met with skepticism in the West.

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