A village where TV and mobile are banned

In today’s age of modern technology, everyone, be it children or adults, has an excessive amount of screen time. Due to which people do not get a chance to interact with each other. This news is about a village.

Considering this problem, a unique initiative has been taken in a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

In Wadgaon villages of Sangli district, all TV and mobile phones are suspended for one and a half hours.

Sirens are sounded by the village council of Wadgaon every day at 7 pm. After which all TVs and mobiles in the village are switched off. Then the next siren is at 8:30 which means that you can now use TVs and mobiles. .

The purpose of this shutdown is to prevent people from excessive use of mobile and TV. And to provide an opportunity to communicate and meeting with each other in family.

Vijay Mohiti, president of the village council of this village with a population of about 3,000, says that he expressed this idea to the villagers on the occasion of India’s Independence Day so that people can get rid of this addiction.

Vandana, a woman of the village, said regarding the initiative, “I have two children and it was difficult to manage them as they were all focused on mobile games and watching TV.”

But after this new initiative, when my husband comes home from work, he helps the children with their studies and I can work in the kitchen in peace.

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