US Capitol Hill case

Overseas Network, October 14. According to the US “Capitol Hill” report on October 13. The US House of Representatives Special Investigation Committee passed a vote that day to decide to subpoena former President Trump over the Capitol riots. Later, Trump refuted the practice on social media.

At the hearing held that day, members of the committee voted 9 in favor and 0 against. And passed a resolution calling for Trump to be summon. The chairman of the committee said Trump was a key figure in the Jan. 6 riots and the committee wanted to hear from him. Subsequently, Trump refuted the decision on social media. Calling the decision a “publicity stunt”, “Why didn’t the special committee ask me to testify a few months ago?”. Trump also accused the committee of “very failed” and its The effect is to further divide the United States.

The Hill said the subpoena decision was unlikely to allow Trump to testify in court. Trump is expect to challenge the subpoena in court, a process that will last beyond the select committee’s term.

On January 6, 2021, in Washington, the capital of the United States, Trump supporters held a demonstration outside Congress. Some demonstrators rushed into the Capitol and clashed with police. Five people were killed and more than 100 police officers were injured in the riot. After nearly a year of investigation and evidence collection, the House Select Committee will start a series of public hearings on the Capitol riots from June 9 this year. The committee is expected to issue a final report on the incident in December this year.

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