Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping says that he will not give up even using force in the case of Taiwan.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has begun.

According to the news agency from Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping also gave an opening speech at the party meeting.

In his speech, President Xi said that solving the Taiwan problem is China’s matter, it should be solved by China.

He said that he will continue to make sincere efforts for peaceful reunification with Taiwan.

The Xi Jinping said that he will not give up the use of force in the case of Taiwan.

The Chinese president further said that he reserves the authority to take all necessary measures in the case of Taiwan. The use of force is for external interventions and separatist activities.

He said that the use of force is not for our Taiwanese compatriots, China has always taken care of Taiwanese compatriots and benefited them.

President Xi Jinping said that economic and cultural cooperation with Taiwan will continue.

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