complaint against the mother

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a 3-year-old child reached the police station to file a complaint against his mother.

According to Indian media reports, a child named Saddam, angry with his mother, asked his father to take him to the police station because the mother had stolen his coffees and slapped him, so he is now in police custody. Wants to register their complaint.

A video of this incident is also going viral on social media, in which a child can be seen giving his statement to a sub-inspector in Detlai area of ​​Burhanpur.

The child has told sub-inspector Priyanka Naik in his statement that ‘Ammi has stolen my coffees, so she should be arrested and locked in jail’.

Sub-inspector Priyanka Naik tries to control her laughter at the child’s innocence and asks him some questions.

In the video, the child can also be seen signing a paper, after which the sub-inspector assures him that she will soon arrest his mother.

Saddam’s father told police that when Saddam asked his mother for coffee, she slapped him gently on the cheek.

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