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On the morning of October 22, the Chinese government expert group led by the Ministry of Emergency Management arrived in Wuhan by plane from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, after successfully completing the 11-day disaster assessment and flood control and disaster reduction guidance task in Pakistan.

During their stay in Pakistan, the expert group held discussions with the National Disaster Management Agency, the Flood Response and Coordination Committee, the Federal Flood Committee, the Meteorological Service, the Aviation and Outer Space Research Committee, the Hydropower Development Agency and other departments, and went to Pakistan, which was the most severely affected by the flood. In the southern Sindh province, a detailed investigation and understanding of the 2022 Batt flood disaster, including the causes of the flood, the characteristics of the disaster, the current situation of flood control, rescue and relief measures, and post-disaster reconstruction ideas, etc., and share China’s flood control experience. Before returning to China, the expert group conducted work exchanges with relevant departments of the Pakistani government on post-disaster reconstruction and flood control and disaster reduction, and provided Pakistan with preliminary opinions and suggestions on recent disaster-stricken areas and mid- and long-term enhancement of flood control and disaster reduction capabilities.

The Pakistani government attaches great importance to the visit of the expert group. Prime Minister Shabazz, Foreign Minister Bilawal, Minister of Planning Iqbal, Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency Inam, and Chief Secretary of Sindh Rajput met respectively and sent an expert group to the Chinese government. He expressed his welcome and gratitude for supporting flood control and disaster reduction in Pakistan, and hoped that the expert group could provide professional guidance and advice. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong also met with the expert group, and our embassy and consulate in Pakistan provided strong support for the expert group during its work in Pakistan.

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