Southeastern Australia

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology warned on the 22nd that many parts of the southeastern part of the country will usher in a new round of heavy rainfall from the 23rd, which may cause severe flooding, some of which were hit by floods more than half a year ago.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said on its website that “life-threatening” flooding was likely again in the hard-hit region of northern New South Wales, Lismore, in March. A total of 98 flood warnings were issued across New South Wales on the 22nd, and 68 flood warnings were issued in Victoria.

Flooding began in many parts of southeastern Australia last week, closing roads in some areas, selling out supermarkets and prompting thousands of residents to evacuate their homes. According to Reuters, the water level of Australia’s longest river, the Murray River, is expected to rise to nearly 95 meters on the 22nd, similar to the 1993 flood.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said 500 troops from the military were already in place in NSW and Victoria to help with disaster relief.

Australia’s eastern seaboard was hit by heavy rainfall in March, when about half a million people in Sydney and surrounding areas received evacuation orders or warnings to prepare to evacuate, and 20 people died from the heavy rain.

Affected by La Niña, Australia’s eastern coast has increased rainfall and frequent flooding since the beginning of 2021. The Meteorological Service expects the phenomenon could last for a rare three years.

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