human washing machine

A Japanese technology company that specializes in making appliances and machines used in the bathroom and kitchen recently announced plans to develop a machine that cleans people by showering.

Believe it or not, the plan to develop a human washing machine is not new. At the 1970 Osaka Expo, Japan’s famous Sanyo Company presented the concept of developing a human washing machine called the Ultrasonic Bath for this task.

This machine has the ability to bathe, clean, massage and dry any person within a short time of 15 minutes.

Now the roads will look like a classic science fiction movie

But the concept never became a commercial product. But now a Japanese technology company based in Osaka, Science Company Limited, wants to make it a reality.

The company has promised to develop an advanced human washing machine by 2025. The company has named it Project ‘Aswaaro’.

Based on Fine Bubble technology, this machine will be equipped with various types of monitoring sensors and artificial intelligence system and will complete the bathing process.

Meanwhile, it will not only cleanse the body but also provide melodious and relaxing music along with mental and physical relaxation.

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