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The humanoid robot Amica is considered by most people to be the scariest robot in the world so far, which can introduce itself to anyone just like a human while smiling comfortably.

Recently, a video of this robot has surfaced on social media.

In this video, he can be seen talking to tourists at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Possessing a very realistic temperament, Amika not only smiles and moves, but also blinks.
Its conversational style is much more interesting than other robots.

In one of Amika’s many viral videos on social media, she is also seen joking around.

She is seen in a viral video asking a person the question “Can I win the ‘Spelling Bee’?”

Tourists ask Amika all kinds of questions, one tourist asked her ‘Is she happy?’

In response to this question, Amika said that “she has no emotions”.

A similar person asked Amika, “Does she believe in God?”

To which she replied that she does not believe in anything.

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