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Germany has begun moves to legalize the use of cannabis, a move that Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s government promised in the election to do when it comes to power.

The country’s health minister, Karl Lauterbach, has introduced a bill to legalize the distribution and use of cannabis under government supervision.

Under the expected new law, possession of 20 to 30 grams of cannabis for personal use will be legal in Germany.

The coalition government last year decided to legalize the government-supervised distribution of cannabis in licensed shops during its four-year term.

The health minister did not say when a final decision would be made, but Germany will be the second country in Europe to legalize cannabis after the law is implemented.

Malta was the first in Europe to legalize the use of cannabis.

The government intends to levy a special tax on cannabis users.

At the same time, awareness about the use of cannabis and its prevention will also be provided.

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