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On the evening of October 26, after two days of debate, the Serbian parliament voted to approve the list of the new government. After the parliamentary vote, members of the new government are sworn in in the National Assembly.

The new Serbian government has a total of 28 ministries, of which Ana Brnabic continues to serve as Prime Minister, Dačić serves as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vucevic serves as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Gasic serves as Minister of Interior, and Mali Continuing as Finance Minister, Vesic as Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Basta as Economy Minister and Momirovic as Trade Minister.

On April 3, 2022, Serbia held presidential, parliamentary and local elections. The final results of the presidential election announced by the Election Commission showed that Vucic won 58.59% of the votes and won re-election. In the parliamentary election, the party coalition headed by Vucic’s Kadima Party “together we can do anything” won the most seats.

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