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The head of the British navy has ordered an investigation into several complaints of sexual harassment of female officers on submarines.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the retired woman of the Navy, Lt. Sophie Brooke, said that harassment in submarines is not a one-off incident, but continues continuously.

He said that male officers and officials had also made a ‘rap list’ containing the names of female officers in which his name was at the sixth position.

First Sea Lord Ben Kay says that he has ordered an investigation, and any perpetrator involved in harassment and abuse will be brought to justice without exception.

Sufi, 30, was due to be promoted as a submarine commander, but fed up with the harassment, he began to have suicidal thoughts and was promptly dismissed from the Navy.

It should be noted that female officers of the British Navy have been inducted into submarines since 2011, earlier female officers were not sent to submarines.

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