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On September 1, the Polish government listed the material losses suffered by Poland during World War II and demanded compensation from Germany.

Overseas Network, October 28. According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on October 28, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a complete list on the same day, asking Germany to compensate for the losses caused during World War II.

Poland requires Germany to compensate 6,220.609 billion zlotys for material and non-material losses, as well as compensation for the losses and injuries suffered by victims of German aggression and occupation, and the return of those currently in Germany. , cultural property stolen from Poland.

In addition, Poland demanded that Germany return the assets of Polish state-owned banks and credit institutions that were seized between 1939 and 1945, and also demanded that the German government take effective measures to show the international community “the real situation of the war and its consequences”, especially for Poland and the damage and loss caused by the Poles.

On October 3, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a note to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, formally offering compensation to Germany for World War II losses, with a view to “permanently, comprehensively and thoroughly resolve this issue at the legal and material levels”. However, the German government has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to pay compensation to Poland. The German side believes that they have paid a considerable amount of compensation and the issue of compensation for World War II has ended.

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