Food banks

Due to the economic crisis in the UK, food items have become more expensive and the number of food banks is increasing to save citizens from starvation.
Speaking to the news agency AFP, 51-year-old British citizen Michael Cox said, “It proved to be a lifesaver for me.”

He said that he had not eaten anything for two days and then decided to take food from the food bank.
“I didn’t have any money, so I decided to run here,” says Michael Cox, who had never sought help before the recent crisis.
Hundreds of people with coupons in hand waited for their turn outside a food bank in Hackney, east London, on Monday.
These food banks provide needy citizens with a food basket containing three days worth of food and drink.
Every needy person is given the necessities of his family and the funds for this are collected by civic organizations through donations.
Rising food and energy prices have fueled inflation in the UK.
Inflation reached 10 percent in September, the highest among the G7 countries, adding to the burden on citizens already stressed by rising prices of essential commodities.
“Now that everyday costs have increased, people are unable to buy food and pay their bills,” said food bank supervisor Johan Eklund. They have to choose one. Unfortunately, we are seeing this trend increasing

Recent inflation in the UK
Recent inflation in the UK

Saidoni Flore Fyumba, a nurse who receives government assistance, said she could not afford to feed her three children and run the heater at home.
Life has become very difficult now. My family is on government assistance, but now this amount is not enough even for me alone because inflation has increased very fast.
“Now I have taken the food bank as the last option to pull the vehicle of life,” Sidoni Flore said.

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