Russian President Putin

Speculations about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin have started once again.

According to foreign media, some black marks were seen on Vladimir Putin’s hand, after which it is estimated that he is being treated for a disease.

Richard Dent, a retired British army officer and member of the House of Lords, speaking on British TV, said that the health of the Russian president reflects something very important.

Richard Dent said experts are noticing that the Russian president’s hands appear quite dark from above.

Richard Dent says that this is a sign that they are being injected when no other part of the body can be injected.

He added that it would be interesting to see whether the Russian president is as healthy as he would like to make himself out to be.

According to foreign media, a few months ago, an American intelligence report said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from cancer.

This month, it was also revealed in the international media that the bodyguards of the Russian President also collect his waste during his trips abroad.

The report further stated that Putin’s bodyguards do this because carelessness could reveal too much information about the Russian president’s health that could be misused.

This year, a new viral video of Russian President Vladimir Putin has also made the international media concerned about his health.

It should be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is often the focus of international media attention due to his health, and since Russia intervened in Ukraine, there have been rumors that he is seriously ill.

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