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Australian police have offered $633,000 (approximately thirteen and a half million Pakistani rupees) for information about an Indian citizen involved in the murder of a woman.
According to the American news agency AP, Queensland police are looking for 38-year-old Rajvinder Singh, who is suspected of killing a 24-year-old girl, Toya Cordingly.
Rajvinder Singh was working as a nurse at a hospital in Cairns, Queensland, when Toya Cordingali’s body was found on the beach in Waingati on October 22, 2018.

She went to the beach for a walk with her pet dog.
According to the police, on the day the police found Toya Cordingali’s body, Rajvinder Singh left Cairns for Sydney and then a day later went to India.
It is the largest reward money in Queensland’s history that police will offer for information.
Police Minister Master Ryan has approved the award.
He said he was confident that people knew where Rajvinder Singh could be.
“We know people know about this person, they know what this person said, and we’re asking people to stand up for what’s right.”
Help us to bring justice to Toya Kordingali and her family, he said.
Deputy Police Commissioner Tracey Linford says she believes Rajvinder Singh is in India.
Three Queensland police officers are in India and are working with Indian authorities on the investigation.

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