earthquake struck in El Salvador

According to the official determination by the China Earthquake Networks, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in the waters near El Salvador at 12:26 on November 4th, Beijing time (22:26 on November 3rd, local time), with a focal depth of 60 kilometers and an epicenter at 13.15 degrees north latitude. , 89.45 degrees west longitude.

There were 23 large and medium-sized cities within 200 kilometers of the epicenter, the most recent being Nueva San Salvador, about 61 kilometers away from the epicenter.
The average altitude within 5 kilometers of the epicenter was about -82 meters.

The above information is automatically generated by the earthquake information broadcasting robot at 12:53:45 on November 4, 2022, and it takes 45 seconds. The public beta stage is for reference only.

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