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A Chinese national recently made international headlines when he changed his clothing to collect his lottery winnings or prize to hide the prize money from his wife and children.

He was identified only by his assumed name or pseudonym, Lee. He bought 40 lottery tickets from a place in Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, all seven numbers of which were the same.

As luck would have it, his gamble worked out and he won a prize of 220 million yuan, equivalent to 30 million US dollars, a sum big enough to change not only his life but that of his family. Enough.

But instead of celebrating this success with his wife and children, he kept the good news under wraps. But why did he do it? The reason he gave is quite good.

He said that if he had told them that he had become the owner of a fortune like $30 million, it was likely that they would become arrogant and lazy and avoid working hard and struggling to get a job or an education. could do So he dressed up as a cartoon character and went to collect the prize so that his family wouldn’t recognize him.

It should be noted that in China it has become quite popular to change clothes to receive lottery money, but they do this to protect themselves from criminals and robbers, as well as to avoid demands from relatives and old acquaintances who ask for money. .

A lot of discussion has started in China on this move of Li, on one hand, many people are appreciating his move, on the other hand, it is also being said that he has no right to keep his family unaware of this happiness.

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