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A 61-year old Indonesian national has completed 87 marriages, while the 88th marriage is desired.

According to foreign media reports. The story of the marriages of this man named Qan. Who lives in the West Java region of Indonesia, is very interesting.

The man has claimed that he has had 87 marriages so far. While he wants to marry his ex-wife for the 88th time.

Following un-Islamic customs in marriage

According to foreign media, Qian’s 87 marriages include remarriages with his ex-wife, giving him a total of 46 marriages.

This Indonesian national’s story came to light when he told his story to a YouTuber.

When the mainstream media contacted Qian for an interview. He refused, saying that he did not want to give further interviews on the matter. But at the insistence of the reporters, he told about his marriages.

The Indonesian national claimed that he got married for the first time at the age of 14. With a girl two years younger than him.

Announcement of convenience for couples doing marriages of choice

He said that this marriage lasted only for 2 years, but this marriage did not stop him from looking for his new bride and then another wife and so on.

“The reason for marriage is that I didn’t want to play with a woman’s feelings, so if I do something immoral, it’s better to get married,” Qan said.

He said that out of his 87 marriages, 40 were registered only with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, while the remaining marriages took place in the traditional manner.

They said that the longest marriage of theirs lasted for 14 years, while some marriages lasted only a month and one marriage lasted only a week.

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