Australian parrots

Lowry Cat Paralysis Syndrome is a seasonal parrot disease that affects a specific species of parrot found in Australia, the South Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia between October and June each year.

Due to this disease, these lory cats parrots cannot fly or move in the skies.

Bird experts and veterinarians have known about this disease for a long time, but despite their great efforts, they have not been able to find out the cause of this disease and it remains a mystery.

This deadly disease in these Australian parrots is particularly troubling as it causes thousands of parrots to die each year due to flightlessness, insensitivity and refusal to eat, or become prey to other animals. become

This disease has been reported in parrots in Australia since the 1970s and scientists have been able to eliminate some of its possible causes, but it is still not known what causes it.

In this regard, Professor David Fallon of the School of Veterinary Science of the University of Sydney, Australia, had to say while talking to the media that we know that this is not an infectious disease.

He said that we have worked on many theories to solve this mystery over the years, but none of them have worked so far.

At one stage of the disease, thiamin, zinc, or selenium deficiency has toxic effects, while some veterinarians believe that this condition causes damage to the posterior spinal cord from the neck and the bird’s inability to fly and Loses the ability to move.

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