The artificial heart is a temporary and effective “weapon” used in the treatment of heart disease. It generally costs between 30000-4000 USD . The artificial heart is a device that temporarily replaces or assists the heart to perform its normal function. It is mainly used in major cardiac operations (such as heart transplantation, coronary artery bypass grafting, and cardiac crack repair, etc.). Only large tertiary hospitals in big cities have the ability and level to carry out this examination and treatment.

An artificial heart usually refers to a pacemaker, which is implanted and can usually be bathed. But try to take a bath with the company of your family, and avoid taking a bath alone to avoid accidents.

Pacemaker implantation, usually replacing the diseased heart with a pacemaker, replaces the function of the heart, and is mainly used to treat heart diseases such as heart failure. If a pacemaker is implanted, the disease can usually be effectively treated. Moreover, after the pacemaker implantation, it generally does not affect the normal life of the patient. However, the energy consumption of the body during the operation is relatively large. If the patient takes a bath alone in the short term after the operation, accidents such as falls and falls may occur due to fatigue, which will easily affect the patient’s recovery and is not conducive to the patient’s health. To ensure safety, it is recommended that patients bathe in the company of others. After a period of time after the pacemaker implantation, if the patient’s physical condition has basically recovered, he can also take a bath alone, but it is recommended to avoid too long.

If you have a pacemaker implantation, it is recommended to eat a light diet, try to avoid eating spicy and greasy food, so as not to increase the burden on the heart. In addition, you can exercise properly to help strengthen your physique. At the same time, you should go to the hospital for regular check-ups to help observe the recovery of your body.

Artificial heart
Artificial heart

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