Iran has launched a new satellite

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has launched a new rocket carrying a satellite into space.
The American news agency Associated Press, referring to Iran’s state TV, said that the rocket to be launched on Saturday is called ‘Game 100’. However, its footage was not shown on TV.
According to the official news agency IRNA, this rocket will carry an 80 kg satellite into an orbit 500 km above the earth.

General Amir Ali, the commander of the Aerospace Division of the Revolutionary Guards, said that soon a new satellite named ‘Naheed’ will be sent into orbit.
Iran says its satellite program, like its nuclear program, is aimed at scientific research. However, the United States and other Western countries have doubts about this because long-range missiles can also be developed using the same technology.
The announcement comes at a time when Iran has been rocked by protests for the past seven weeks and according to human rights groups, security forces have killed 300 people so far.

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