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The National Center for Meteorology in Saudi Arabia has said that there is a possibility of rain in eight regions of the kingdom, apart from the coastal areas. The rain is expected to begin by the end of the week.
Urgent News said with reference to the National Center for Meteorology that rain is likely to start in Tabuk, Al-Jawf, Hudud Shamaliya, Madinah, Makkah, Eastern Region and Qasim from the end of this week.

The temperature started to drop significantly in the regions of the kingdom
The National Meteorological Center expected that the rains are likely to extend to the coastal areas in addition to the eight regions.
The National Center of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia says that the temperature is decreasing significantly in different regions of the kingdom.
Earlier, the National Meteorological Center had also issued a report regarding the temperature in different regions of the kingdom on Saturday, according to which the hottest temperature was recorded in Makkah region. The temperature was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius.

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