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The cold winter is approaching. In order to avoid domestic energy shortages and high heating bills, many residents living in northern European countries choose to “move south”, that is, go to some southern European countries to spend the winter, because the relatively warm Mediterranean climate there does not require cost Excessive energy bills.

A real estate agent in Crete, Greece, said that about 80% of the clients who came to inquire about the southward move were from Germany, and the rest came from France, the United Kingdom and other countries. Residents of these countries mostly rent in Crete for half a year from the end of October. Retirees account for the majority of German customers, and there are also some office workers who can work from home. As the weather in Germany is getting colder, the number of Germans buying property or looking for long-term rentals in southern Europe has recently increased significantly. Germans who have already bought property in Crete believe that the Mediterranean coast has plenty of sunshine and mild winters, which help keep the house warm and minimize heating costs.

Dutch: Wintering in Spain is cheaper than in the Netherlands. It’s colder in the Netherlands, having to turn on the heat and paying the energy company, but in Spain you can use that money to enjoy a vacation.

According to a report on the website of the Spanish newspaper El Pais on November 1, a large number of European retirees came to Spain for the winter in the Canary Islands, Malaga and other places, and the number of long-term accommodation bookings in local hotels has increased, with an average stay of two to three week.

Hotel workers: Most of the guests are from northern Europe, such as Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and obviously they have high energy bills at home, but in southern Europe it’s about half as much.

A hotel in Spain said it had seen an upward trend in bookings at its 18 Canary Islands locations, mainly due to a higher number of arrivals from the United Kingdom, mainly due to the fact that the British “Jet Two” airline traveled between the Spanish islands in winter. flight traffic has increased significantly. Total capacity so far this year has increased by 15% compared to the same period in 2019, the company said, meaning more Britons are willing to travel to Spain for a “good and affordable” winter.

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