Orange is a best fruit

It’s a good season to eat oranges. Oranges are not only delicious, but also full of treasures. Orange peel has a refreshing effect, and the white filamentous things on the orange flesh are orange collaterals, which have the effect of protecting blood vessels.

Moreover, the pit of the orange has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea, and the pulp has the effect of promoting digestion and quenching thirst. There are so many benefits, but did you know that there are some precautions in eating oranges? After eating oranges, eat less of these kinds of foods, don’t care.

What are the ingredients in oranges

Orange is a best fruit
Orange is a best fruit

In every hectogram of orange pulp, it contains 0.9 grams of protein, 0.1 grams of fat , 12.8 grams of carbohydrates , 0.4 grams of crude fiber , 56 mg of calcium , 15 mg of phosphorus , 0.2 mg of iron , and 0.55 mg of carotene .

Vitamin B0.08 mg, vitamin B20.3 mg, niacin 0.3 mg, vitamin c 34 mg, and nutrients such as hesperidin , citric acid, malic acid, and citric acid.

Oranges are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which can replenish energy to the body and help improve constipation. Eating oranges can also help promote gastric secretion, increase appetite, and have some appetizing effects.

Glycemic index of oranges

Scientifically judging the high sugar content of a fruit is actually to judge its impact on blood sugar and decide whether to eat it and how much to eat. The glycemic index of oranges is 43 , which fluctuates according to the type of oranges.

The sugar content of each 100g orange is only 11.5g , its glycemic load is 5 , and the overall impact on blood sugar is not large. Diabetic patients can eat properly when their blood sugar is stable. However, it is generally controlled between 30 and 50 , which is not a food with a too low glycemic index.

Therefore, especially those with abnormal blood sugar, must control the intake of these foods. For people with abnormal blood sugar, choose foods with a relatively low glycemic index

Do you eat oranges to supplement vitamin C ?

Orange is a best fruit
Orange is a best fruit

Generally, vitamin C can be supplemented by eating oranges , and oranges themselves contain a lot of vitamin C. Eating oranges properly has a certain effect of supplementing vitamin C , which can improve some adverse symptoms caused by vitamin C deficiency.

In addition, it also contains many plant compounds, which can play a role in enhancing human immunity. It can inhibit tumors, but oranges are warm and easy to get angry if you eat more.

Oranges are generally really able to hangover, but the effect of hangover is not very obvious. Orange is a relatively common fruit, which contains certain acidic substances such as malic acid and citric acid.

And wine contains a lot of alcohol. After eating oranges, the acidic substances in the oranges will chemically react with alcohol to form esters. Therefore, the effect of assisting hangover can be achieved, but the effect is not very obvious
In addition, I would like to remind everyone here that because oranges contain a lot of sugar , if they are eaten too much, they will cause symptoms of getting angry. Excessive consumption of oranges is also very harmful to the mouth and teeth.

So eat oranges in moderation, not too much.

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