South Korean train derails in Seoul

On the 6th, according to the South Korean Fire Department and the Korea Railway Corporation, at 8:53 that night, a Gyeongbu Line train carrying 275 people derailed near Yeongdeungpo Station in Seoul, causing 31 injuries. According to the fire department, most of the injured have minor injuries and can go to the hospital for medical treatment on their own, but some need an ambulance to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

The Seoul Metro Line 1 was also suspended due to a derailment accident and resumed an hour later. As of now, the downlink of the Gyeongbu Line has not resumed operation.

According to a report from the Korea Railway Corporation, at 20:53 local time on the 6th, a train departing from Yongsan Station in Seoul derailed, causing the two-way suspension of Seoul Metro Line 1. No one was injured in the accident.

The Seoul Metro Line 1 has now resumed operation.

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