Speaking of sparrows, many people must often see them in real life. This kind of bird is widely distributed and has many populations. Except for extreme environments such as the Antarctic, Arctic and alpine deserts, sparrows can be seen almost everywhere. Especially in summer, we often see sparrows pecking on the ground in groups, small and clever.

Walking into a dense forest, if you can’t hear the sound of birds, you will definitely feel lonely, because human beings have long been accustomed to the company of birds, especially our common sparrows.

However, many people don’t know that the sparrows we often see in our lives are actually imported, not real local sparrows. So where have our local sparrows gone?

Sparrow is an omnivorous animal and loves grains and plant seeds. It is especially active in summer and autumn. It is more frequent in grain fields, and the young birds are eaten by insects caught by the mother bird.

In addition, sparrows have a relatively strong reproductive capacity and a long breeding period. Except for winter, the other three seasons are the time for sparrows to breed. The incubation period is short and it is easy to survive. Murder.”


In 1958, less than a year after the founding of New China, China was still in the post-war recovery period. At this time, there was no hybrid rice, and the people had yet to improve the food issue. Many poor families still had a big problem with food.

Against this background, mice, flies, mosquitoes that spread harmful germs, and sparrows that eat grains in large numbers have become the “four pests” in people’s mouths.

In order to improve the living environment of the common people, many places have carried out the campaign to “eliminate the four evils” . When almost every household sees sparrows, they will knock on iron basins to scare them away. In fact, people have long since recovered. When the net is opened, the sparrows are waiting for the sparrows to fly up and be caught by the net.

Then there are people holding guns and shooting sparrows when they see them. There are no real guns in this kind of guns. Because the sparrows are small and have no attack power, as long as a small stone is placed in it, the sparrow can be killed . And these people who specialize in sparrow hunting are called sharpshooters by the people.

The campaign to eradicate the four evils lasted for two years . Everyone has killed a few sparrows, and nearly 200,000 sparrows are killed almost every day. However, in this campaign, it was the sparrows who suffered the most. Small creatures such as flies and mosquitoes that reproduced rapidly, as long as they hid in dark and damp corners, they could almost escape the catastrophe.

You must know that flies will lay eggs six times in their life, and each time they can lay more than 200 eggs, and the survival rate is very high, that is to say, only one pair of flies can get thousands of small flies.

Mosquitoes are also very powerful. Even if people have used the most advanced genetic engineering technology, the number of mosquitoes will not decrease at all. Then there are rats. Rats will burrow and are very vigilant. As long as there is a little movement, they will disappear without a trace. Therefore, the sparrows are the biggest victims in this movement.

Until 1960, it was found that, even though there were no sparrows, the grain output still did not increase, even less than when the sparrows were there, and the pests in the fields, because of the absence of the sparrows, became more rampant and peaceful. Unbridled, locust plagues have become more and more frequent.

It was only when the data came to people’s eyes that they discovered that the benefits the sparrows brought to people were far greater than the amount of food the sparrows themselves ate.


Therefore, the state removed sparrows from the “four pests”, and included cockroaches with many bacteria and crawling everywhere. However, this alone cannot make up for the loss caused by the disappearance of sparrows.

In order to restore grain production as soon as possible, our country imported millions of sparrows from the Soviet Union, which is the kind of sparrow we are seeing now, which has allowed grain production to gradually recover .

These sparrows imported from the Soviet Union are different from our local sparrows. Our native sparrows are house sparrows, tree sparrows, mountain sparrows and black-capped sparrows , so when importing sparrows, we also specially selected house sparrows and tree sparrows. However , the native sparrows in our country have black lines on the back, throat and chest , but the foreign sparrows do not.

These imported sparrows are very adaptable, and they did not suffer from acclimatization when they arrived in China, and they ate and drank normally, and began to breed the next generation.

When it comes to reproduction, because the two belong to the same species, imported sparrows and native sparrows can mate without reproductive barriers. However, the offspring produced by the two are not only different in shape, but also in color. It is the same, and it does not like to call like ordinary sparrows, it is very quiet, its body functions are relatively fragile, and its life span is short.

After the imported sparrows came to China, China’s grain production has indeed gradually recovered. After people learned the previous lessons, they stopped catching sparrows and began to protect them and listed them as “three-existent” animals.

What are the “Three Beings” animals? It refers to animals with ecological value, scientific value and social value , such as hedgehogs, thrushes, civet cats, etc., all belong to one of the “three possessed” animals.

Nowadays, people can no longer hurt sparrows at will. There are often news reports that any farmer who catches sparrows or destroys the sparrow’s nest will be removed by the police and punished by more than a thousand yuan. This is because the sparrows have been listed Even though it is not a protected animal, it should not be harmed at will.

Therefore, when people look at a thing, they must not be too one-sided, beneficial and harmful. It is not absolute in itself. We must learn to look at things from a different perspective.

Everything in nature has its own mission, and human beings cannot take ego as the leading role and eliminate everything that is harmful to human beings. In this way, only human beings will be hurt in the end.


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