Train on water

Everyone has seen a train running on the track, but in Thailand, there are talks these days of a train that seems to ‘float on water’.
According to the British news agency Reuters, a train passage has been built by building a bridge over a vast dam in Thailand, which has been in operation for a few years and is very popular with tourists, but this time the situation is different. .

People are buying its tickets in droves and enjoying the ‘water train’.
This time after the monsoon rains, the water level has risen almost to the bridge and when the train moves, it seems as if it is passing over water.
The train’s route starts from the capital city of Bangkok and passes over the Pasak Julesed Dam in Loup Buri province.
During this journey, the water is usually visible a few feet below the bridge, but officials say that for the first time, the water level has risen so high that the passengers of the train feel like they are floating on water.
The train runs only on weekends during November and February and is sold out by the start of the new year.
Banyank Pihot is one of the 600 passengers who traveled on the train on Sunday.
“It’s great,” he says. I have not seen such a thing before.’
Due to climate change, Thailand’s ecosystem has seen significant fluctuations and in recent years droughts have increased in some areas where floods have occurred.
This is certainly a crisis situation, but thanks to the ‘floating train’, the Department of Railways of Thailand is benefiting greatly.

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