Admiral Charles Richard, head of US Strategic Command

The war in Ukraine marks the beginning of major military challenges for the United States in the near future, as America’s competitive grip on nuclear weapons capabilities is weakening.

This was said by Admiral Charles Richard, head of the US Strategic Command, during his speech at the annual Naval Submarine League Symposium.

Admiral Richard said that nuclear superiority against America, Russia and China is being lost.

He said that if I evaluate our resistance against China, I will say that we are slowly moving towards defeat.

He said that China is deploying its capabilities very rapidly.

Admiral Richard said that our adversaries are increasing their nuclear capabilities, they are also working to disable the nuclear program of other countries.

He said that rival countries are also developing non-nuclear capabilities that can be used to launch strategic attacks.

The US admiral said rival countries do not want to reduce their reliance on nuclear weapons, while the US is focusing on replacing older installed systems in time as their service life ends.

Addressing the forces, the Chief of Strategic Command said that for competitive advantage, we should learn from the operational policy of 1950.

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