Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India released 3 convicts who were sentenced to death by the trial court for rape, murder and torture.

According to Indian media, citizens named Ravi Kumar, Rahul and Vinod were sentenced to death by the trial court in 2014 for the crime of rape, torture and murder of a 19-year-old girl in 2012.

Indian media say that the High Court of Delhi had also upheld the sentences of the three criminals, but yesterday the Supreme Court gave the benefit of the doubt and released the three.

According to Indian media, the Supreme Court said that the prosecution failed to prove the case against the three people, 10 of the 49 witnesses were not examined in the trial.

According to reports, the Supreme Court said that courts should strictly decide cases on merit as per law and should not be influenced by any kind of pressure.

Indian media say that in the Supreme Court, the Delhi Police had opposed the reduction of the death sentence of the three persons.

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The Indian police said in the Supreme Court that this crime has been committed not only against the victim but also against the society.

According to Indian media, the bench of this case included the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and 2 Justices.

The three persons had challenged the Delhi High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court and sought a reduction in the sentence.

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