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Diana Ramirez, who is called the most beautiful police officer in the world on social media, says that it is an honor to protect and serve people.

Talking to an American newspaper, a female police officer from Colombia said that she would not leave her job to become a model or an online celebrity.

Diana Ramirez said that if I had the chance to choose a career again, I would not hesitate to become a police officer again.

She said that I am grateful to the police organization because whoever I am today is because of this organization, this organization made me a professional woman.

According to foreign media, Diana Ramirez was also recently nominated for the Best Police or Military Influencer Award.

Regarding this in the interview, he said that it is an honor for me to represent the police force with the nomination of this award.

Diana Ramirez said, “I am very happy that social media shows people working with dedication for the betterment of the country.”

It should be noted that Diana Ramirez often shares her photos in police uniform on Instagram, where her number of followers is close to 4 lakh.

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