TikTokers Sentenced to Cleaning Toilets

Two comedians were sentenced to clean toilets in a court for mocking a provincial governor in Nigeria in a Tik Tok video.

According to the US media report, the Kano State judicial spokesperson said that Isa Mohammed and Nazifi Mohammed were given 20 lashes for insulting the governor.

The spokesperson said that the two comedians are friends, they accepted the charges against them in court.

He said the comedians were arraigned in court for making fun of Governor Umar Gundoje on Tik Tok, admitting to the charges of insulting the governor and causing public outrage.

The report says that the comedians made the video 4 years ago which is now going viral again, that is why they were arrested.

Apart from flogging, the court also ordered a fine of 10,000 Naira (Nigerian currency) and cleaning the court premises and toilets for 30 days.

The accused were ordered to make a video apologizing to Governor Gundoje and upload it on Tik Tok.

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