Two planes collided

During an airshow in the United States, two planes fell to the ground after colliding with each other and six people on board have been feared dead.
According to CBS, an air show of World War II-era aircraft was held in Texas on Saturday.
The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed the incident.

One of the planes that collided was a Boeing B17 and the other a Bell P63 King Cobra. The collision took place at around 1:30 a.m.
According to the information given on the website of the organization organizing the airshow, several aircraft were participating in the event.
Posts shared on social media on Friday showed hundreds of people gathered and enjoying the stunts.
27-year-old Anthony Montoya, an eyewitness to the incident, said, “I was standing there when suddenly the planes hit each other and people who were enjoying themselves a moment ago were suddenly shocked.”

The Federal Aviation has confirmed the incident
The Federal Aviation has confirmed the incident

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson called the incident “a terrible tragedy.”
He wrote in the tweet that the videos are heartbreaking. Please pray for those who were flying the planes for the entertainment and information of our families.
A number of videos have been shared on social media in which it can be seen that the collision of the two ships caused a terrible explosion and clouds of smoke.
Aubrey Anne-Yang, 37, said: “It was terrifying to see. My children were in the hangar with their father at the time. I’m still trying to understand why this happened.”
Yang also shared a video on his Facebook page in which a woman standing near him can be seen screaming immediately after the incident.

File Photo
File Photo

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board say the incident will be investigated.
In 2011, 11 people were killed in a similar accident in Reno, Nevada, when a P-51 crashed on top of show spectators.
Similarly, in 2019, a Hartford plane also crashed, killing seven people.
The NTSB says it has investigated 21 such incidents that occurred after 1982 and involved World War II-era ships.
23 people lost their lives in these incidents.

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