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It is said that dramas and programs shown on TV channels must affect the human mind to some extent. Now it is up to the person to learn something positive from them or adopt a negative attitude.
A unique incident of its kind has taken place in the Indian state of Maharashtra where a man killed his daughter after being inspired by the Indian crime series ‘CID’.

According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, police in Nagpur, Maharashtra have arrested a 42-year-old man who allegedly killed his 16-year-old daughter to ‘teach his wife a lesson’.
The accused called his daughter’s murder a suicide.
Police say that the accused was inspired by an episode of the popular television crime series ‘CID’.
Kalmana police station in-charge Vinod Patil said that Guddu Chhote Lal Rajak lived with his second wife Kaushalya and three children. After the death of his first wife by suicide in 2016, he got married a few years ago.
He said that the accused’s wife Kaushalya had left the house on October 10 this year due to alleged mental and physical violence by her husband.
Vinod Patil said that on November 6, the body of his daughter Mahi was found hanging from the ceiling.
When the police reached the spot, they found five pre-suicide letters in which Mahi accused her stepmother, uncle, aunt and grandfather of “forcefully marrying” her.
He said that his maternal uncle Santosh Pepparde has also been accused of harassment in these notices.
Vinod Patil said the police got suspicious and seized Guddu’s phone for investigation. They found a live picture of a fish with a noose around its neck. On further questioning, the accused confessed to killing Mahi.
After the accused refused to return his wife, he took an idea from an episode of CID and hatched a plan to teach him and his relatives a lesson.
According to the police, the accused mentioned the plan to his daughters and asked Mahi to write a notice with a fabricated statement.
Navin Reddy, Additional Commissioner of Police, Nagpur, said that on November 6, Guddu woke up his daughters at three in the morning and told them that he needed a picture of Mahi to show the police.
He then allegedly tied a rope to the ceiling and asked his daughter to stand on the table. Gudu’s 12-year-old son Zia took a picture on his mobile phone as Mahi stood with the noose around her neck.
“Gudu then kicked the table after which Mahi called for help but the accused did not save her.
Police said that the accused involved his daughter in the plan saying that he wanted to teach her relatives a lesson.

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