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Running is a fun and useful exercise that protects the human body from various diseases.
The Arabic journal Al-Jarq has detailed the physical benefits of running, including the prevention of heart disease.
Running protects against certain diseases that have a direct impact on male reproductive health.

It removes unwanted fat from the body and increases the activity of the body.
Running increases the endurance of the human body and activates the circulatory system.
This exercise increases the production of fresh blood and helps in quick healing of wounds.
Making it a routine strengthens the body’s muscles and bones, while daily running improves your mood and prevents depression. It improves eye health and skin freshness.

Prevention of heart diseases

Regular running keeps people safe from heart diseases and prevents hardening of the arteries. This increases the strength of the heart and you don’t feel overworked.
This process leads to a decrease in the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Weight loss

Running leads to elimination of excess calories in the body and also prevents excessive hunger, after which a person consumes less amount of food.
Reduces fat from the body which has a direct effect on weight.

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Why is running in the morning useful?

The best time to run is in the morning.
It increases the body’s performance and causes the body to produce adrenaline hormones that keep the body alert.
After breakfast in the morning, you feel hungry, after which a balanced breakfast makes the body stronger.
It removes excess fat from the body as well as strengthens bone joints.

Start at a slow pace. Then gradually increase your speed.
Increase your running speed in a way that does not feel too tired and strenuous. Take long breaths while running. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Choose exercise shoes and breathable clothing for running. Take short breaks during the run so that the body is ready to run again. Running with your friends in the beginning saves you from getting bored.

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