U.S. military planes that collided

Overseas Network, November 14. According to the “New York Post” report, on November 12, two old U.S. military planes crashed after a mid-air collision, killing six people. The US National Transportation Safety Board said on the 13th that the investigation into the cause of the collision will be a long process, and the two military aircraft are not equipped with black boxes.

“It’s been a long process,” National Transportation Safety Board board member Michael Graham said in the release. A preliminary report on the accident is expected to be released within four to six weeks, while a full investigation will take 12 to 18 months. One challenge for investigators, Graham said, was that the planes were not equipped with flight recorders commonly known as “black boxes.” The wreckage of the plane has been handed over to the National Transportation Safety Board, which will use the wreckage to reconstruct the scene and determine the cause of the accident.

At noon local time on the 12th, two U.S. aircraft serving during World War II collided in mid-air during an air show, quickly crashing and exploding, causing a fire. The FAA said in a statement that the crashed planes were a B-17 bomber and a P-63 fighter jet.

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