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In India, it has been revealed that the man who was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend kept her head in the refrigerator and often saw it.

According to Indian media, the police say that the case of the man who cut the body into 35 pieces and kept it in the refrigerator and then dumped it in different parts of the city every night for 18 days has been solved.

The police said that the arrested person and the victim were in a relationship since 2019 and had frequent quarrels.

According to Indian media, the accused told the police that he used to throw the pieces of the deceased’s body in different areas every night at 2 am.

The police say that after the murder, the accused bought a refrigerator from a nearby shop in which he kept the pieces of the body.

According to Delhi Police, this incident is of May 2022, but it came to know after 6 months on the complaint of the girl’s parents.

Police said the accused, while confessing to the crime, said that Shraddha was pressuring him to get married, leading to frequent arguments with her.

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