The phenomenon of sneezing refers to an unconscious “anti-sneeze ejection” that occurs when outer objects (such as dust, bacteria, pollen, etc.) entering the nasal cavity are driven away. After the foreign matter enters, the trigeminal nerve located on the nasal mucosa sends instructions to the respiratory muscles acting on the lungs, and the air is violently expelled to drive the foreign matter out of the country. Sneeze reflex, commonly known as “sneeze” or “sneeze”, is a defensive reflex action caused by irritation of the nasal mucosa. But in traditional folklore, it has been regarded as some kind of abnormal behavior or

sneezing runny nose itchy eyes

Sneezing , runny nose , and itchy eyes are first considered to be caused by allergic factors, and it is necessary to go to the ENT department for registration in time. If it is accompanied by fever and sore throat, you can go to the Department of Respiratory Medicine for registration.

Is sneezing healthy?

Sneezing is actually a way for the nose to expel irritants or outer objects. It is a defensive breathing reflex that is good for your health. Proper sneezing can clean the nasal cavity , so that the secretions and bacteria inside can be discharged faster, and it can also remove allergic substances in the nose. If you have a cold , sneezing can also discharge cold air and speed up the recovery of the disease.
Sneezing is a very common phenomenon in life. When you have a cold, nasal allergy or other external stimuli, your nose will become itchy and you will start sneezing. When you sneeze, you feel better immediately, but if you don’t sneeze, it’s usually very uncomfortable.

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how to relieve sneezing

If the sneezing does not improve, it may be suspected whether there is a nasal cavity disease or a cold. Cold factors can choose drug treatment, such as antiviral drugs or anti-inflammatory drugs; if it is caused by nasal cavity disease, the primary disease should be treated first, and virus transmission should be avoided when sneezing.
Sneezing occurs when you have a cold or nasal disease. Occasional sneezing, no obvious symptoms, can be relieved without treatment. It feels uncomfortable to sneeze all the time, you may have a choking sensation or other discomfort symptoms.

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