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Overseas Network, November 18th, according to News Agency’s report on November 17th, the Saudi Arabian government delegation visited South Korea a few days ago, booked 400 rooms in a hotel in Seoul, and arranged heavily armed personnel outside the hotel to maintain law and order, sparking heated public opinion in South Korea. discuss.

The Saudi delegation stayed at the Lotte Hotel, located in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. This hotel was chosen because it has a total of 1,058 rooms, the most of any hotel in Seoul. In October of this year, the Saudi government asked South Korea whether there were any super hotels in Seoul that could provide more than 250 rooms.

The Saudi delegation also booked a presidential suite, which is 460 square meters and costs 22 million won (approximately RMB 117,000) per night. It has a separate meeting room and dressing room, and the bathroom can overlook the landmarks of Seoul. Nanshan Tower, there is also a world-class piano in the living room.

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