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The Prime Minister of Iraq, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, has ordered the establishment of a new anti-corruption commission in the country. The former intelligence chief will head operations.

The head of the anti-corruption commission will be Judge Haider Hanun Zair, while the head of the enforcement team has been given to Abdul Karim Abdul Fazal.

Abdul Kareem is currently the Director General of the Ministry of Interior, while in the past he was the head of Iraq’s secretive Falcons Cell Intelligence Unit.

According to the statement released by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office, the Extraordinary Anti-Corruption Commission will work to combat corruption in unconventional ways.

The statement said that this commission will work fast on major corruption cases, and will try to bring money back to the country by contacting the governments of other countries for the extradition of accused in caes pf corruptions.

The prime minister has constituted a special team with more powers to assist the commission, the details of which have not been declared.

To be noted that in 2009 Iraq’s secret Falcons cell was established, Abdul Karim is one of its founders of the cell.

The cell received training directly from the CIA and British MI6 and was instrumental in the fight against ISIS.

Iraq ranks 157th in Transparency International’s corruption index.

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