Air Inventions Invented by Inventors

Inventors are the people who invented some of the best inventions that we use everyday. Some of these inventions include Cooling paper, GoRolloe smart bikes, Electrostatic vacuum cleaner, and Smog-free tower. These inventions have been used to save lives and to make our lives better.

Water molecules propelled aloft by the accelerating winds

Whether you’re a tinkerer or a weather buff, you’ll doubtless be interested in the state of the art in your pocketbook. If you’re lucky, you might even be treated to a guided tour of the newest NASA facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base. There’s nothing like a guided tour to get your brain juices flowing and to suck up any unsolicited thoughts or ruminations you may have had. The aforementioned perks are only the cherry on top of an extensive portfolio of scientific and engineering research. This particular laboratory is a gold mine of a research facility. There’s no shortage of awe inspiring nerds to boot. Whether your aficionado is into chemistry or mathematics, there’s no shortage of opportunities to engage in a little friendly competition.

Electrostatic vacuum cleaner attracts pollution particles from the air

Using an electrostatic vacuum cleaner can shave your indoor air quality and make your lungs happier at the same time. The device uses a slew of copper wires to generate an electrostatic field that attracts the dust. The electrostatic effect is mitigated by a high-end power supply able to maintain a potential difference of about ten thousand volts. This means that the machine can spout out a lot of clean air in a short amount of time. The machine has its merits and should be a staple in any household. It can’t eradicate a whole lot of pollution in the air, but it can provide a temporary reprieve from the ravages of manmade dust. The device is a hoot to use, and is a great way to improve one’s health and happiness.

One might assume the device is the purview of an unsuspecting occupant, but it’s a surprisingly viable solution for those looking to do their part in reducing global warming, the spread of disease and air pollution in general. A well designed and incorporated system can provide a small but effective safety net, akin to a security guard at the office. An electrostatic vacuum cleaner has its limitations, such as high maintenance costs and a lack of portability. Nonetheless, it can make your life a whole lot easier, and is an ideal solution for the intrepid explorer.

Smog-free tower converts smog into breathable air

Several countries, including China, South Korea and the Netherlands have implemented a Smog Free Tower, which works to clean the air around the tower. The tower is a giant air ionizer that uses a patented positive ionization technology to filter polluted air. It then releases clean air through a series of six-sided vents.

The Smog Free Tower is designed to clean the air in cities and is an example of an unusual invention. It is a seven-meter tall aluminum tower that draws in dirty air and transforms it into clean air. It has the ability to filter 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

It has been said that the smog particles in the air look like black dust, but are actually made of carbon. Carbon is the same substance that can be turned into diamonds under high pressure.

The Smog Free Tower is solar-powered. It uses a patented positive ionization technology to filter polluted air and then releases clean air through a series of six-sided vents. It uses as little power as possible, consuming only 1400 watts of electricity.

The Smog Free Tower will travel around the world, with stops already set in Beijing, Mumbai and Paris. If the tower is successful, it will become the world’s largest air purifier.

The tower is designed to capture up to 75% of airborne smog particles. The smog dust is then compressed into small “jewels” that can be used as social scans or sold to support the creation of more towers. Each jewel contains particles from a thousand cubic meters of air. These jewels are sold to wedding couples, those who want to support clean air in their city and to those who are interested in the environment.

Cooling paper

Inventor Yi Zheng of Northeastern University has conceived a new invention – a cooling paper that works. It’s a paper coating that absorbs heat from indoor sources and reflects sunlight away from the interior. The paper could help reduce the heat in buildings, as well as reduce electric bills.

Zheng’s cooling paper sucks heat out of buildings through a porous microstructure of natural fibers. It’s also a good way to cut down on carbon emissions. Cooling paper is also recyclable.

The invention isn’t on the market yet, but it could be the future of HVAC. Planck Energies, a startup founded by Northeastern University researchers, is currently researching the paper. They plan on testing the cooling paper in pilot projects around Boston.

The coolest thing about the invention is that it’s actually recyclable. Zheng’s team took paper pulp and turned it into a water-repelling “cooling paper” that could be used to coat homes. The paper is also self-cleaning and more fire-resistant than its competitors.

The invention isn’t a panacea for reducing energy consumption, but it’s a good start. The invention has been proven to reduce indoor temperatures by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than enough to save the average person from the dreaded heat stroke. It’s also the most eco-friendly way to cool a room.

There are other cool things to do, like putting windows open or turning on a fan. The cooling paper can’t solve the problem of global warming, but it does the trick to save your power bill. And it’s recyclable, which is a big deal in the modern age. This is a great idea, especially if you live in an area with high temperatures.

GoRolloe smart bikes

During her time at London South Bank University, Kristen Tapping studied product design. She developed the GoRolloe, a smart bike that aims to clean the air around us. It works by catching pollution and expelling clean air into the atmosphere.

The GoRolloe was born as an entry in a design competition. In addition to her work at the University, Tapping has collaborated with several organizations, including BUPA, a healthcare provider. She has also worked with a polymer distributor, Distrupol, to develop an environmentally friendly product made from recycled tires and contact lenses.

The GoRolloe works by capturing pollution as the bike wheel spins. It then filters the air through a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. The filtered air is then pushed out through the fins of the wheel. The carbon filter captures CO2 and noxious gases. The HEPA filter removes particulates.

The GoRolloe is designed to be placed in bicycle fleets in cities, like London, to capture air pollution. It has already received support from a variety of organizations, and is expected to be commercially available in 2022. It also has a smartphone app that tracks a cyclist’s performance, alerts them when it is time to change the filters, and lets them know how much distance they have travelled.

The Rolloe is a three-spoke mag wheel with a central cavity. It is packed with sensors and a proprietary computer that helps the cyclist monitor their pedaling intensity and distance travelled. It also uses wireless connectivity to transmit data, and is powered by a battery. The wheel is designed to work even at low speeds.

The GoRolloe is still in development, and is expected to be commercially available by 2022. It is also expected to cost around PS40 ($54US) when mass produced.

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