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China on Sunday announced the first death from Corona after six months, after which strict measures have been implemented across the country, including Beijing.
According to the American news agency Associated Press, more than 24,000 new cases of corona were reported in China on Sunday, of which the majority are cases that have not shown symptoms.
Residents in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have been warned not to travel between different districts of the city. A large number of restaurants, shops, shopping malls and apartment blocks are closed or isolated.

Netizens expressed outrage over the zero-covid policy and demanded that Zhengzhou authorities be punished for failing to help the public.
The death of an 87-year-old man from Beijing was the first death reported by the National Health Commission since May 26, bringing the total death toll to 5,227. Deaths were previously recorded in Shanghai, which saw a spike in cases during the summer.
While China’s overall vaccination rate is ninety-two percent who have received at least one dose.
But in people over 80 years of age, this number is quite less. The commission did not give details about the vaccinations of the deceased.
And it is being considered as one of the reasons why China still keeps most of its borders closed and how it stands by its zero-covid policy despite the many impacts on life through lockdowns, quarantines, case-tracing and mass But tests try to rule out infection.
The local city of Zhengzhou said on Sunday that it will no longer require a negative corona test for children under the age of three.
The Hangzhou city government made the announcement following the child’s death, which has been attributed to an overdose of anti-virus. A four-month-old girl in quarantine at a hotel in Hangzhou died after suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea.

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Revert says it took 11 hours for her father to seek help because healthcare workers refused help and he had to be rushed to a hospital 100 kilometers away.
It all started after the death of a three-year-old boy from carbon monoxide poisoning in the northwest. His father blamed health workers in the city of Lanzhou for trying to prevent his son from being taken to hospital.
Other cases include the case of a pregnant woman who suffered a miscarriage after she was denied entry to a hospital in the northwestern city of Zian and was forced to sit outside in the cold for hours.
Each such case brings fresh promises from the ruling Communist Party.
As recently as last week, it was announced that people who are in quarantine or who do not show negative test results will not be barred from receiving emergency care at all.

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Yet the party has often found itself unable to control the draconian and often unauthorized measures imposed by local officials. They fear that they will lose their jobs and face legal action if the epidemic spreads.
It has been almost three years since the pandemic, while the rest of the world has fully recovered, but its impact on the Chinese economy is increasing.
Beijing has largely closed its borders and discouraged travel within the country.

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