symptoms of lung cancer

There are three clinical stages of lung cancer, which are early stage, middle stage and late stage. So what are the symptoms of lung cancer in the middle stage? Lung cancer is a disease that people often ignore, but people who suffer from this disease in life are Many, most of the patients are found in the middle and late stages. The middle stage of lung cancer is a transitional period, and the symptoms are relatively obvious. However, the diagnosis is lung cancer, and it is necessary to treat reasonably to relieve the patient’s symptoms. Lung cancer Many people do not understand the symptoms in the mid-term, so that the disease cannot be discovered in time, which has a serious impact on the lives of patients.

What are the symptoms of lung cancer in the middle stage?


lung cancer usually produces respiratory tract irritation symptoms and irritating cough due to invasion of bronchi and lung tissue.

Low-grade fever

Obstructive pneumonia often exists after the tumor tissue blocks the bronchus, and the degree varies. Mild cases only have low-grade fever, while severe cases have high fever. After taking medicine, it can temporarily improve, but it will recur soon.

Chest pain

In the early stage of lung cancer, chest pain is mild, mainly manifested as dull pain, dull pain, and the location is not certain, and the relationship with breathing is also uncertain. If the pain persists, it means that the tumor may involve the pleura.

Lung Canceer
Lung Canceer stages

Bloody sputum

When tumor inflammation causes necrosis and capillary damage, there will be a small amount of bleeding, which is often mixed with sputum and appears intermittently or intermittently.

What are the diagnostic methods for lung cancer?

People who have had lung diseases are no strangers to chest X-rays, and the diagnosis of lung cancer is often done through chest X-rays. Chest X-rays are routine examinations, but the chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer are not too high . Due to the impact of clarity and its own blind spots, the early diagnosis rate of chest X-ray for lung cancer is only 0%-15%, and even advanced lung cancer has a misdiagnosis rate of 10%-15%. The diagnosis made by chest X-ray can only be imaging diagnosis, not definitive diagnosis. The diagnosis of lung cancer must rely on pathology. This also applies to all imaging modalities

In addition, CT has many advantages in the diagnosis process and is an important basis for cancer diagnosis. Lung cancer is not a terrible disease, early detection and early treatment, patients can often get a better prognosis. CT is an inspection item with relatively high inspection accuracy. Spiral CT has fast scanning speed, low radiation dose, and is layered at millimeter intervals. Its ability to detect small nodules in the lungs can not only reach 10 times that of ordinary X-ray chest films, but also can detect the distribution of blood vessels around the nodules. can be clearly displayed. Therefore, spiral CT has always been regarded as a powerful weapon for the detection of lung cancer, which is beneficial to the detection of early lung cancer. It can also be used for clinical staging of lung cancer to judge the prognosis and formulate treatment strategies according to the staging.

Lung cancer in the middle stage is already very close to the advanced stage, so it is necessary to treat it in time. The above is all our introduction, and I hope it will be helpful to you.┬áLung cancer has a great impact on people. Therefore, when you find yourself suffering from lung cancer, you need reasonable treatment to relieve the patient’s discomfort.

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