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A former millionaire from Hangzhou, China, started selling grilled sausages at street food stalls to repay a 46 million Chinese yuan ($6.4 million) loan.

This man’s story has made headlines in local newspapers. It is said that 52-year-old Tang Jian from the Chinese province of Xinjian, who owned several restaurants in Hangzhou city and was considered a very successful businessman, is now on the street after becoming financially bankrupt. Selling grilled sausages at food stalls to repay the loan amount.

It is said that at the age of 36, he became very wealthy after owning several restaurants.

But then in 2005, he decided to invest a large part of his wealth in a completely new business, but the situation turned out to be exactly the opposite of his expectations, and now after 15, 20 years, when he is 52 years old, he has the equivalent of 6.4 million US dollars. Money is owed.

To pay this huge amount, he runs street food stalls. It turns out that when he was investing in a new engineering business, he was told it would take over his restaurant business, but he didn’t believe it, and his money continued to sink, until he went bankrupt. .

After which he had to sell all his restaurants, houses, cars to clear the debt, after which he still owes 6.4 million dollars.

His move to repay the loan at all costs is widely praised across China. While talking to a media organization, he said that we are born with empty hands, so how can we be afraid to start all over again? We should face the difficulty calmly and courageously.

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