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Overseas Network, November 21. According to a report by the Associated Press on the 18th, Alabama temporarily canceled the execution of a death row inmate at midnight on the 17th because the execution officials did not find the death row inmate’s vein to complete the injection.

Smith, on death row, was sentenced to death for killing the pastor’s wife Elizabeth in 1988. Law enforcement officials originally planned to execute Smith last week, but spent more than an hour during the execution but could not find Smith’s vein to inject drugs, so the execution of Smith was postponed. Two months ago, Alabama also temporarily canceled the execution because it could not find an IV, so that the death row inmate Allen suffered for 90 minutes.

It is understood that the law enforcement officers tied Alan to the execution bed, and Alan bled profusely for 20 minutes during the process. After receiving the notice to stop law enforcement, Alan was seriously injured and had a traumatic reaction.

Another controversial execution took place in July. At that time, the criminal Joe experienced the longest execution in the history of the United States because of rough injections, and finally died in extreme pain. All three executions have been controversial, with some groups criticizing Alabama’s handling as cruel and unconventional.

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