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Overseas Network, November 21. According to reports from the British “Sun” and other media on November 20, earlier in the day, members of the England wives took a charter flight from the UK to Qatar with a “surprising amount” of luggage, preparing to Cheer for the England team.

On the morning of the 20th, members of the wags arrived at Manchester Airport. Sasha, the girlfriend of England player Grealish, was photographed pushing 12 suitcases. In addition, Maguire’s wife and Walker’s model wife also appeared at the airport. Members of the WAGs also hugged each other excitedly as they checked in.

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British media said that after arriving in Qatar, the wives will board a luxury cruise ship worth 1 billion pounds (about 8.46 billion yuan), where they will live during the competition. Sources said the wives hired a company that provided luxury drivers and personal assistants around the clock to facilitate their shopping in Qatar. Additionally, they have a team of beauticians and hairstylists on call to groom them.

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