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Many patients with fatty liver are caused by eating, and we also found that many patients with fatty liver are relatively obese, so to avoid fatty liver disease, you must first pay attention to your own diet regulation. At the same time, exercise should be strengthened, and patients should choose suitable exercise methods during exercise.

1 : Choose the way of exercise according to your personal situation

First of all, patients with fatty liver should avoid excessive fatigue, so it is not advisable to choose too intense exercise. It is best for patients to undergo a comprehensive physical examination before formulating an exercise program, and choose an exercise method according to their own physique, aiming at exercising overall physical strength and endurance as the goal of whole-body low-intensity dynamic exercise, that is, aerobic exercise , such as jogging, medium-speed walking ( 115-125 steps/minute), cycling, up and down stairs, climbing, playing badminton, shuttlecock kicking, fear of balls, aerobics , swimming, etc.

2 : Choose the amount of exercise according to your personal situation

Fatty liver patients should choose an appropriate amount of exercise according to the degree of fatigue and pulse after exercise. It is advisable that the pulse speed up during exercise and the fatigue disappear within 10-20 minutes after exercise. If you feel mild fatigue after exercise, but you are in good spirits, have plenty of energy, and have good appetite and sleep, it means that you are exercising properly.

Warm up for 5-8 minutes before exercising, exercise limbs, joints, neck and waist to prevent muscle and ligament damage, do not sit or lie down immediately after exercising, relax properly, and gradually restore heart rate and breathing to pre-exercise levels.

There are many patients with fatty liver. If everyone can treat it in time, this disease can also be cured. In the process of treating the disease, patients should also pay attention to their own dietary regulation, do not eat too greasy food, and properly control their weight.

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