world's longest gas supply agreement

Doha (AFP) – Qatar Energy has described its 27-year natural gas supply deal with China as the “longest” at a time when Qatar is strengthening its ties with Asia and Europe is looking for alternative sources. . According to foreign media, Qatar Energy said that the state-owned energy company will send 40 million tons of liquefied natural gas annually to China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopic) from its new Northfield East project. said the deal was “the longest gas supply contract in the history of the LNG industry”. Asian countries, led by China, Japan and South Korea, are key markets for Qatar’s gas, followed by Russia over Ukraine. Since the attack, European countries have been increasingly searching. Negotiations with European countries have been difficult as they have failed to sign long-term agreements with Germany and other Asian countries. Northfield Qatar 2027 It is in the midst of increasing liquefied natural gas production by more than 60 percent to 126 million tons per year.

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