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On the 21st, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qarnani held a press conference on the Iranian nuclear issue, Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other issues. Kanani said that although Western countries proposed anti-Iran resolutions for political purposes, Iran will still have close and constructive communication with the International Atomic Energy Agency on the nuclear issue.

Iranian Nuclear Issue
Iranian Nuclear Issue

Kanani said that Iran has always been implementing a peaceful nuclear program, and the anti-Iran resolutions of Western countries are purely for political purposes, aimed at putting pressure on Iran. Iran has responded to the West’s actions by implementing several measures inside nuclear facilities in the presence of IAEA monitors. At the same time, Kanani stressed that Iran will continue to fulfill its obligations and have close and constructive communication with the International Atomic Energy Agency on nuclear issues.

Regarding the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue, Kanani pointed out that Iran has always adhered to the negotiation path with a responsible attitude and has never left the negotiating table, but the US government lacks the political will to reach an agreement. He called on the United States to take responsible actions in the negotiations.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Kanani: As Iran has pointed out many times, the (nuclear issue) negotiations failed to end. The reason why all parties cannot resume the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement is obviously because the United States lacks political will. Iran believes that if the other party has the political will, it is possible to reach a final agreement and the parties to re-implement the agreement within a short period of time.

Kanani also said that the U.S. government should stop taking hostile and illegal actions against the Iranian government and people and let the process of international relations develop in the right direction.

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